4 Situations When Pest Control Treatments Throughout The Year Are Important For Pest Prevention

Posted on: 10 November 2020

When your home is overrun with roaches or mice, you may turn to a pest control company for help. However, a better approach might be to have regular pest control treatments throughout the year so rodents and bugs don't take over your home to start with. Either way, professional pest control treatments are an important part of protecting your home and family. Here are four times when having regular pest control treatments is especially important.
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How To Keep Cockroaches Out Of Your Home This Fall

Posted on: 27 October 2020

Fall is on the horizon, and that means cockroaches will soon be making their way indoors. With the colder weather, cockroaches move inside homes, especially when they sense food and water. Since cockroaches can spread germs to humans and cause allergies like asthma to worsen, it's important that you do all you can to keep them out. In fact, If a pair of cockroaches call your home their own this autumn, within a year, you could have 10,000 cockroaches infesting your home!
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Pest Control Tips For Wet Seasons

Posted on: 19 October 2020

When it gets rainy, moist, and humid outside, more homeowners start to struggle with pest invasions. A wide array of pests, from cockroaches to rats, like moisture. However, infestations are not inevitable during wet seasons. Here are a few pest control techniques you can use to help keep your home pest-free at these times. Make sure your gutters are clear. If your gutters are blocked, water will pool inside of them.
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Mice Moving In? 2 Tips To Get Them Out

Posted on: 7 October 2020

Now that the weather is getting colder, many rodents are looking for a warmer place to live, including mice. If you have seen a mouse in your home, chances are you have more. Before your home becomes infested with them, keep reading to learn of some tips to get the rodents out. Set Traps One of the easiest ways to get mice out of your home is to set traps. This works well as long as your home is not infested with them.
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