Did The Warm Weather Bring An Ant Swarm? 3 Reasons To Hit An Exterminator

Posted on: 22 April 2020

The warmer spring and summer months tend to bring new pests to lawns. Ants are one pest that people sometimes tend to overlook during their pest control plans. They are tiny and mostly stay out of sight. Similar to bees, ants play a valuable role in the ecosystem. They help to aerate the soil, clean up decaying debris, and even eat other insects. Other animals also depend upon them for food.
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5 Tips To Help Prevent Ants, Termites, And Summer Insects Invading Your Home For A Feast As They Start To Infest

Posted on: 20 April 2020

The hot summer months mean that you crank the AC up to get relief, but you are not the only one the wants the relief — insects also start to invade during these times. Therefore, you want to know how to keep the insects from invading your home and starting to infest. Getting control of the problem early will help you avoid serious infestations. The following tips will help you prevent problems with ants, termites, and summer insects that start to invade your home during the warm weather:
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