Did The Warm Weather Bring An Ant Swarm? 3 Reasons To Hit An Exterminator

Posted on: 22 April 2020

The warmer spring and summer months tend to bring new pests to lawns. Ants are one pest that people sometimes tend to overlook during their pest control plans. They are tiny and mostly stay out of sight. Similar to bees, ants play a valuable role in the ecosystem. They help to aerate the soil, clean up decaying debris, and even eat other insects. Other animals also depend upon them for food. While you might feel like leaving the ants that you find in your yard alone, there are reasons to exterminate them. Once you see more than one or two ants, you need to work with an ant control exterminator for these three reasons.

Ant Bites Can Cause an Allergic Reaction

Ants can bite or sting depending upon their species. Fire ants are known for giving repeated stings that inject venom that can lead to allergic reactions. An allergic reaction to an ant sting can cause mild symptoms such as pain, redness, and swelling. However, some people have severe reactions that can become life-threatening. Anyone who experiences difficulty breathing, vomiting, or extreme swelling of the affected body part needs to seek medical attention right away. Once you've had an allergic reaction, you are at risk for having another one in the future that can be even more severe. An exterminator can check out your ant problem to see which species are involved and create a plan that eliminates the chances of you or a loved one getting a nasty batch of bites.

Outdoor Ants Can Quickly Create an Indoor Problem

That ant bed in your lawn might not seem like too big of a deal if it is in an area where you do not go often. The issue is that ants will travel hundreds of feet from their nests to go foraging for food. All it takes is a hot day, a lack of food in their immediate area, or a scent that they pick up from your home to send them roaming indoors. Ant control outside can often prevent you from discovering a trail of the insects running through your kitchen.

Some Ants Cause Structural Damage

Ant identification is difficult for the average homeowner who has not undergone training to determine exactly what each species looks like and how they behave. Seeing an ant swarm can sometimes mean that your property is at risk for damage. Carpenter ants destroy wood structures, and seeing a few outside could mean that they are already inside of your home. Working with a pest professional helps you to find out all of the potential risks that ants pose for your property.



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