Keeping Ants From Coming Into Your Home

Posted on: 30 May 2023

If you had an ant problem in your home in the past, it is likely you are concerned about a repeat scenario. Taking preventative steps helps to keep the possibility of an ant invasion at a minimum. Here are some actions to take to aid in protecting your indoor living space from becoming filled with ants.

Take Time To Make Repairs

Ants can crawl through small holes and cracks to gain access to the inside of your home. To help keep your home secure, spend time inspecting its exterior for signs of wear. This includes the foundation level, siding, rooftop, and around windows and doors. Any location where ants can wriggle their way inside needs to be filled in so a barrier is created. Use a variety of blockade tools such as expandable foam, weather stripping, caulk, flashing, and steel wool. Make sure to routinely check the exterior throughout the year so any damaged portion is fixed before pests have a chance to make their way to the inside areas.

Perform Cleaning Sessions Frequently

Keeping on top of regular cleaning inside of your home helps to keep pests from wanting to try to get inside. A home that has the telltale odor of food left out will cause pests to try their best to gain access to the interior. Wipe down all counters with vinegar after each meal prep session. Throw away all food remnants and take trash bags outside to your trash can so the odor does not linger inside your home. Keep on top of floor cleaning as well as this is where crumbs settle after meals occur. Keeping a clean home also helps you to notice signs of a pest problem should they happen to occur.

Tend To Your Outdoor Living Space

To keep ants from coming inside of your home you also need to take time to perform actions to the property outside. Keep wood piles in an area far from your structure. Ants use these as nesting areas and if they are kept too close to your home, there is a potential ants will wander toward it. Add gravel to the perimeter of your home along the foundation level. Ants prefer to walk through grass and on dirt. Consider sprinkling talc on your porch, the sidewalk leading to your porch, and underneath doorways. Ants do not enjoy walking through powdery substances and will avoid them if it is present.

For more information, contact ant control services to learn more.


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