An Orange Oil Termite Treatment Could Be An Effective Natural Alternative To Termite Tenting

Posted on: 15 November 2022

If termites have been discovered in your home, you may dread the thought of going through the fumigation process to get rid of them. A possible alternative is to have an orange oil termite treatment. Orange oil is effective at killing termites, so it might be a good choice depending on the circumstances of your infestation. Here's how orange oil termite treatments work.

Orange Oil Treats Drywood Termites

Your pest control professional has to identify the type of termites your home has. Subterranean termites are common, and if your home has those, orange oil may not be as effective. These termites live outdoors and come into your house to feed.

Drywood termites actually live in your house in wood structures. The termites can be targeted once their location is found. The area where they live is treated with orange oil that kills them on contact.

Orange Oil Comes From The Peels

Orange oil is a natural product that's derived from orange peels. An ingredient in the oil is used in natural insecticide products. When it's used to treat termites, the pest control professional has to drill holes in the area where termites are active. Orange oil is then put in the holes so termites come in contact with it.

The oil is effective at killing termites and other insects, but it is not toxic to pets and humans unless you come in contact with large amounts of it. It's safe when used for pest control, and you don't have to worry about fumes like you do with fumigation. You don't even need to leave your house or remove your pets when treatment is underway.

Multiple Treatments May Be Needed

An orange oil termite treatment doesn't have much of a residual effect like some pesticides do, so you might need more than one treatment to eliminate all the termites in your home. Also, the treatment only works in the area where it is applied, so it's important that the pest control company finds all termite locations in your house.

Also, like other types of termite control, including fumigation, the treatments don't prevent future termite issues. It's always good to be on the watch for termites so you can treat them when they first settle into your home.

If you prefer a nontoxic and natural approach to dealing with termites, then an orange oil treatment could be right for you. Talk to your pest and termite treatment company to see what they recommend based on the type of termites you have and how widespread the infestation is in your home.


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