How Thorough Does A Termite Control Project Have To Be?

Posted on: 30 September 2022

The presence of termites is one of the biggest possible threats to most types of houses. Termite control work is critical, but you might wonder how thorough it needs to be. Simply put, the answer is that it has to be extremely thorough. This post will explain why you have to be so thorough and what you'll need to hire a contractor to do.

Removal Isn't Enough

Even if you solve the problem on the first try with common termite removal techniques, it's not enough to just get rid of the bugs. Whatever attracted the termites is likely to attract more. Even if you've eradicated them to several hundred feet from the house, a new colony could appear months or years down the road and come back in.

A critical part of termite control is ensuring that termites don't get a chance to return. This means installing barriers, chemicals, or other systems to prevent their return. In some cases, homeowners may have to rebuild part of the structure with steel or other materials that termites don't like.

The House Isn't the End

For obvious reasons, protecting your house is usually the main objective. You might also need to deal with termite control in the garage or a nearby shed, too. However, this isn't the end of the process.

You will also need to check the entire property for termites. If there are trees or stumps on the property, these could serve as launching points for termite infestations. The infestation in your house could have come from a colony that generated a new queen somewhere on your property and decided to make a move on your home's delicious wooden structures, for example. Until you've checked every wood pile, tree, stump, and structure on the property, there is a persistent termite control risk.

Also, it's important to notify your neighbors. Foremost, they could have undiscovered termite risks on their properties. Secondarily, their homes could be sources of past or future termite infestations. Just like a tree stump could harbor a colony, so too can a neighbor's house or adjoining structures.

Renewing Termite Control Solutions

Once you've stabilized the situation, it's wise to continue to renew your efforts. If the contractor used chemical sprays and inserts in the ground, for example, they will tell you how long those will last. For the sake of thoroughness, it's prudent to have the contractor return to renew those measures for several years.

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