Bed Bugs? Don't Panic, Do This

Posted on: 14 June 2022

Bed bugs are feared by many people and are a common household problem—20% of the US population has encountered bed bugs in one form or another at least once. If you think you have bed bugs, know that it has nothing to do with how clean your house is. Bed bugs are opportunists and will make any humid environment their own.

There are a few things you should do when you have bed bugs, and one of them is to not panic. You can get bed bug control services out to your home to treat your bed bug issue and get rid of them for good. Call your bed bug specialist to get your whole house a bed bug treatment, then do the following things to stay in control.

Try to backtrack to where you got bed bugs

The reality is that bed bugs are easy travelers and can quickly get on your clothing or suitcases or even stuffed animals. You want to locate where you could have gotten bed bugs from so you can let people know they may also have bed bugs and to keep the spread from continuing. There is no fault finding here, it's just all about taking responsible action. Ask yourself if you have traveled in the last few days or weeks, borrowed a car, had guests over, or even taken in a stray or neighboring animal. Any of these occurrences can be where you got your bed bugs from.

Anyone you have visited or allowed in your home up until you discovered your bed bugs should be notified as well so they can take precautionary measures to keep bed bugs at bay. There's no embarrassment in letting those who need to know that you have bed bugs. It's the responsible thing to do.

Try to clean everything in the home

Your bed bug control specialist will treat your home for bed bugs until they are all removed, and your job is to keep up with this cleaning to make sure all the bed bugs are gone and stay gone. Your job is to repeat the cleaning again a few weeks or months after your last bed bug sighting, having your professional bed bug treatment specialist treat your home. This may be an added measure you don't necessarily need, but it's one you can do in order to fully ensure you have no more bed bugs.

Watch out for bed bugs in the future

You can get bed bugs in your home more than once, so look for signs of a new infestation often. These include small stains on furnishings and actual bed bug sightings. If you see bed bugs, call a pest control professional such as TRS Extermination so you can get bed bug treatment done right away.


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