Keeping Ants On The Exterior Of Your Home

Posted on: 28 March 2022

If you live in an area where ants are known to get inside of homes, you are likely worried about the same scenario happening to your structure. An infestation of ants can quickly arise if steps are not taken to discourage them from sticking around the area. Here are some ways to help keep these insects on the exterior of your home so they are less likely to invade your living space.

Use Powder As A Deterrent

Ants tend to keep their feet and legs far away from any type of chalky substance. When an ant walks through a powdery agent, it will track the substance with it, possibly leading other ants to their demise. To keep ants on the outside of your home, sprinkle talc on the floors underneath the spots where doors rest. Talc can also be dispersed along window sills. If talc is unavailable, you can reap the same benefit by drawing a line of chalk in these areas. These powdery substances will not cause damage to building materials and are easy to clean up in a moment's notice.

Remove All Attractions Around Your Home

If there are spots that ants find attractive to use for housing, food, or water, they will become favorite locations for ants to frequent. If these spots are anywhere near your home, then the inside space is at risk of invasion. Move woodpiles to spots out of view of your structure. Make sure outdoor faucets do not drip and cover any standing water sources each night so ants are unable to access them. Remove pet bowls from outdoor areas as soon as mealtime has ended. 

Clean The Inside On A Routine Basis

If you fail to keep the inside of your home clean, ants may make their way to these areas in search of food. A clean home is less likely to suffer from an insect infestation because there is less attraction for them to bother to try to come inside. Make sure to throw away trash and place tied bags in garbage cans right away. Clean counters using a mixture of vinegar and water to remove food scents effectively. Keep on top of vacuuming, mopping, and sweeping to remove any crumbs that have made their way to floors. Do not allow sticky substances like juice or honey to remain outside of your refrigerator for long periods of time, as they will attract insects.

For more information, contact a residential pest control service in your area. 


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