Ways To Eliminate Silverfish And Why You Want To

Posted on: 17 February 2022

If you've ever seen a little gray bug that looked like it was swimming along the floor, you may have seen a silverfish. These pests are common and they're destructive to your home. Silverfish don't bite or bother your pets, but they are annoying when they invade in large numbers. Here are things to know about pest control and silverfish.

Declutter Before You Call A Pest Control Company 

Silverfish are drawn to damp areas and places with a lot of paper clutter. They like to chew on cardboard, documents, and even paintings. That's why they are so destructive. They can chew up important tax documents, rare books, and precious family photos just as easily as an old newspaper.

Since the pests like to be in or near stacks of paper, photos, and cardboard, they are attracted to clutter. To make the pest control treatments the most effective, throw out as much clutter as possible before the pest control company arrives. You'll probably throw out a lot of silverfish too, and once the clutter is gone, you'll ruin their habitat, and that might keep the pests from coming back.

Dry Out Your House

The next step is to find out why your house is damp and then dry it out. Silverfish aren't the only bugs attracted to dampness, so keeping your home dry will help keep down on other bugs too, such as cockroaches. You might need to rent or borrow a thermal camera to hunt down damp areas in your home and then have the roof leak or plumbing leak repaired. If the problem is high humidity, consider running a dehumidifier to help make your home drier.

Get Pest Control Treatments

Getting rid of silverfish isn't easy with DIY methods since so many things in your home are a tempting food source for them. A professional can use the right chemical treatments at the right potency to eliminate the silverfish. You might even need multiple treatments to get rid of them completely.

In addition to the pest control treatments, you might want to try glue traps. The pests are attracted to the cardboard and glue so they crawl on the trap and get stuck. The traps are also good to leave out for monitoring in case the bugs start to multiply again. When you notice the traps are catching more silverfish, then it's time to apply pest control measures again.

Silverfish are not useful pests to have around since they don't eat any other bugs. All they do is chew up things in your home, such as carpet, important papers, photos, wallpaper, clothing, and food boxes. When you see a silverfish swimming along your floor, start checking for others so you can eliminate the pests quickly.


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