3 Reasons To Use A Specialized Pest Control Company

Posted on: 20 July 2021

Bats can be very helpful. Just one bat can get rid of a lot of mosquitoes and other annoying insects. But, they are much less helpful when they are living in your attic, even if they are going out every night to eat all the bugs. If you think that you do have bats in your belfry, then you need to get rid of them as quickly as possible because they can end up doing damage to your home. One of the things that you can do to get rid of them is to contact an exterminator that offers wildlife removal. You need to work with one of these specialists for several reasons. 


One of the bigs ones is that the exterminator will be able to identify whatever kind of bat happens to be living in your attic. This is important because some bats are protected or endangered, and those particular species have to be handled differently than more common bats. You may not be able to identify the different species on your own, because many of the bats look a lot alike, but the pest control company should have trained their employees how to ID the various species and taught them to how to handle each of the species. 

Live Trap

Another reason that you should work with a pest control company that handles wildlife control is that they can live trap the bats for you. Live trapping means that the pest control tech is going to place traps that are humane and then bait those traps. When the bat gets a whiff of the bait, they are drawn into the trap, and it snaps closed. It is still alive in the trap. When the tech comes back out to your house, they will take the bat out of your house and release it somewhere away from your house. 

Access Points

The service tech who comes out to your house should be able to show you the access points where the bats are getting into your house. If they can't find the precise point where the animals are entering, the tech should be able to point out likely places that the bats may like. The tech will also be able to either cover those points up or tell you how you can do it.

Having bats in your attic is never a good thing. You need to get them gone ASAP. A pest control company that specializes in wildlife removal can help you with that. 


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