Springtime Pest Control Recommendations For Your Yard And Home

Posted on: 17 February 2021

Springtime is quickly arriving and in some areas of the country, the weather has started to warm up and bring in new growth to vegetation and buds appearing on trees. As a natural part of spring weather and the outdoor environment, insects, mice, and spiders can all be a potential for pest problems inside your home and in your yard. Here are some tips and recommendations for spring cleaning and pest control in and around your home.

Clean Interior Floors

The surfaces of your floors can get cluttered and dirty over the winter and from the holidays. Take some time this spring to clear out closets, corners, and areas around your home where piles of newspapers, magazines, boxes, and other paper products may collect. It can be easy to start piling items inside a box for storage, but this will actually do you more harm. Paper and cardboard are an attractant to some pests, including mice and cockroaches. They chew at the papers where they will use it for building nests and they also eat it.

While you are cleaning around the floors and the corners, look for cracks or openings where pests may find their way into your home from the outside. You can block up cracks with caulk or spray foam insulation, or install wire mesh to still allow airflow through ducts and around window screen openings.

Clean Your Home Exterior

As soon as the weather starts to warm up outside, insects and other pests are going to emerge from their winter spot to look for food and water. The nice weather outside gives you a good opportunity to begin your yard spring clean-up to remove piles of trash and yard debris leftover from last year.

Bag up trash or compost organic debris, being sure to store any outside equipment up off the ground to help control hiding places for pests. This will also allow you to clear out weed and vegetation growth around items outside to minimize the potential for pest problems. For example, if you clear away the piles of leaves that have collected around the exterior of your backyard deck, you will find spider egg sacs or a wasp nest that you can clear out safely.

Contact a local pest control professional to treat areas where you see pest problems, which they can do early in the season before they become a problem. This is helpful when you have had a problem with grasshoppers in the past, as an example.


From Skunks to Bugs

Almost any animal can become a household pest if the situation is right. Skunks, for example, usually build their nests outdoors, but if you happen to have a hole in your garage wall, a skunk might move in and take advantage of your warmth. Rats can also move into your home, as can a variety of insects, from earwigs to ants. If you would like to learn more about detecting these pests, getting rid of them, and keeping them away, then read the articles here. We are not pest control professionals ourselves, but we do have a lot of knowledge about this topic, and we're excited to share that knowledge with you.


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