Ants Giving Your Trouble? What You Should Do

Posted on: 29 January 2021

When ants begin to roam through your house, they will get into anywhere they can in order to find food. They don't care that they're in your morning cereal. They don't care that they are crawling across your cooktop where you had planned on cooking your next meal, and they certainly don't care that they have taken up residence in the home you have made for you and your family. These pests have only one care - find food for their colony. Don't allow your home to be their next meal ticket. If you're having an issue with ants in your home, you must get rid of them. Read on for tips to help you do this.

Look For Activity

Look for activity from the ants. Keep an eye on where they are going to and from. The ants are most likely finding food, or looking for food and going back to their colony. Keep an eye on them and watch their activity. If you keep a close eye on them, you may be able to find their nest, which can help you get rid of the entire colony, rather than just killing a few of the worker ants. If you just get rid of the worker ants, you're still going to have an issue with these pests. You have to get rid of the entire colony.

Use Bait To Attract The Pests

When you figure out where they are most active, you can set traps with poisonous bait inside. Some traps will lure them in and the ants can't get back out, while there are other types of baits that allow the ants to take the bait back to their nest. When the bait is taken back to the nest, it can help to kill off the colony. Set the traps along where you have seen activity, and keep the baits or traps butted up against a wall. 

Spray Outside Your Home

Ants typically get in homes from the outside. As such, you should spray outside your home to provide a barrier against more ants getting inside your home. In addition, spray the perimeter close to your foundation and along the landscaping surrounding your home.

If ants are giving you trouble, take care of the problem, by using the tips above. Call a professional pest control company for help to keep these pests or other pests out of your home.


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