Five Ways To Eradicate House Flies

Posted on: 20 January 2021

One or two flies in the house are annoying, but a whole swarm becomes a major nuisance and health concern. Eliminating the pests will require the use of multiple approaches at once to ensure both the current flies and any future ones won't find your home a welcoming place.

1. Seal Up Screens

Flies typically get in through open windows and doors, and screens are designed to minimize their unwanted entrance. Inspect all of your window and door screens monthly. Quickly patch up any holes or tears in the screen. If frames become bent, which can leave an opening between the screen and the frame, replace the screen. Screen doors should be designed to close automatically and latch on their own, otherwise, a door left ajar could let in a bunch of flies.

2. Remove Food Sources

Flies only survive in the home if they have access to food. Keep garbage cans covered and empty them into an outside bin daily. If you compost, use a covered kitchen compost pail so you can reduce flies. Avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink or crumbs on the counter, as well. For homes with pets, pet food should be stored in a sealed container between feeding times.

3. Minimize Breeding Grounds

Flies end to lay eggs on a food source, typically preferring rotting food. Clean under refrigerators and other appliances often to ensure no forgotten crumbs are providing breeding grounds. Drains should be flushed and cleaned regularly, as well, or flies may find a good food source for breeding hiding in these areas. Manage your pantry well so forgotten fruits and vegetables are pushed to the back to rot and attract egg-laying flies.

4. Set Some Traps

A few fly traps set up near doors or in the kitchen can prevent the few flies that do get in from breeding. Flypaper is a sticky trap that works well, although it is unsightly. Bait traps are containers that contain a sticky attractant — flies can get in but they can't get out. These traps are less unsightly compared to flypaper.

5. Bring In the Professionals

If you have a severe infestation, a pest control service can help you get it under control. They will use a chemical insecticide to destroy any flies, larva, or eggs in your home. After treatment, you must keep up with the preceding four tips to ensure flies don't get back into your home.

Bring in a pest control service for more help with a housefly or other pest problem.


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