Effectively Eliminating A Mole Problem From Your Yard

Posted on: 10 December 2020

If you have noticed small volcano-shaped bundles of dirt showing up on your property, it is possible you are dealing with a mole problem. Moles not only cause disruption to a property with unsightly dirt pile-ups and movement of the ground for the building of tunnels, but they also indirectly affect the root systems of trees, shrubs, and other plants. Here are some mole control tactics to get these creatures out of your ground for good.

Start By Eliminating Food Sources

Moles feast upon grubs, insects, and earthworms. Since earthworms provide benefits to your lawn, focus on the removal of grubs and insects if they are present. With the reduction of these food sources, moles living underground need to move to a new location if they wish to eat. Contact a pest control service to eliminate insects from your property or tend to the task yourself by purchasing an effective grub removal agent to disperse upon the ground.

Consider Relocating Moles To New Areas

If you are not keen on using mole killing agents in your yard, think about trapping and relocating them to a new area instead. Look for ridged areas of dirt on your property. These are likely the top portions of tunnels that moles use as pathways to collect food. Deeper down in the earth are tunneling systems moles use for nesting. The top portion is the area moles use most for transportation means. Dig away at ridged dirt on your property using a trowel or small shovel, being careful to keep tunneling intact on either side of your digging area. Set down a mole trap upon the pathway and cover it up with dirt. Use a stake to mark the area so you can check the trap at a later time. 

Use Mole Bait And Traps To Kill Off Pests

Some people prefer to kill moles rather than wait for moles to walk into traps for relocation. If this is the case, purchase bait kits and place them in the ground after you saturate it with moisture. This enhances the scent of bait, making it easier for moles to find it. The bait is brought back to the nesting area to share with other moles. In time, moles perish underground, leaving your yard free of marred areas.

Try Planting To Reduce The Mole Population

Moles rely upon their sense of scent as they have very bad eyesight. Since their scent is enhanced due to the shortcoming of their vision, smells make a big impact on their behavior. To get moles to move to another area, plant flowers that they do not particularly enjoy smelling. This includes daffodils, marigolds, crown imperials, and castor bean plants.

Reach out to a professional who provides mole control services to learn more.


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