How To Keep Cockroaches Out Of Your Home This Fall

Posted on: 27 October 2020

Fall is on the horizon, and that means cockroaches will soon be making their way indoors. With the colder weather, cockroaches move inside homes, especially when they sense food and water. Since cockroaches can spread germs to humans and cause allergies like asthma to worsen, it's important that you do all you can to keep them out. In fact, If a pair of cockroaches call your home their own this autumn, within a year, you could have 10,000 cockroaches infesting your home!

To prevent cockroaches from taking an interest in your home this autumn, do the following things.

Keep Smelly Rubbish Away From Your Home

Cockroaches can eat literally anything. And they especially love strong-smelling foods like old meat and vegetables. If your garbage is smelly, cockroaches will seek it out. To prevent cockroaches from entering your home to get at smelly garbage, store your trash somewhere else, like your garage or at the bottom of the garden. 

Seal Your Home

Cockroaches are tiny. If something does attract them to your home, all they need is a small crack via which they can gain entry. Seal all cracks, even the tiniest cracks, before autumn is in full swing.

Wash Your Dishes Often

Dishes attract cockroaches too. That's why it's a bad idea to leave dishes in the sink overnight. One dirty plate could bring a pregnant female and her brood to your home.

Store Cardboard and Paper Somewhere Sealed

Cockroaches love paper and cardboard. If they do get into your home, a pile of paper or cardboard will provide them with a dark, edible, and safe nesting spot. You especially do not want to keep cardboard and paper in your kitchen close to the food and water sources. So, this autumn, store paper and cardboard in a sealed location, like a plastic tote box, to keep cockroaches from nesting there.

Fix all Leaks

Cockroaches can survive without food for a long time. But they need a constant supply of water. If there is a tiny leak in your home, fix it. Just one leaking tap can provide water for cockroaches through the autumn.

Cover all Food and Clean up all Spills

Seal all food away in plastic containers, and clean up all spills, especially when it comes to oily foods like cooking fat, which cockroaches love. This will eliminate smells and food sources.

Follow these tips this autumn to keep cockroaches from infesting your home. Contact a pest control service for more information. 


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