Mice Moving In? 2 Tips To Get Them Out

Posted on: 7 October 2020

Now that the weather is getting colder, many rodents are looking for a warmer place to live, including mice. If you have seen a mouse in your home, chances are you have more. Before your home becomes infested with them, keep reading to learn of some tips to get the rodents out.

Set Traps

One of the easiest ways to get mice out of your home is to set traps. This works well as long as your home is not infested with them. You can purchase traps at many stores, and there are many types to choose from. One common trap used is known as the snap trap. With this, you place bait on the trap, such as cheese or peanut butter, set the trap, and then when the mouse tries to get the bait it snaps and breaks the mouse's neck. This is a quick and humane way to dispose of mice as they die very quickly.

There are bait traps available if you do not want to kill the mice. This is a type of enclosure that you put bait in and then when the mice go after the bait a door will automatically close, trapping the mice. You then release the mice in an area away from homes, such as in the country in a field.

Contact Professionals

If you think you have a lot of mice in your home, you should contact a pest control company to take care of this problem for you. You know you have a lot if you see a lot of mouse droppings in your home. These droppings can be in cabinets, on the floor, and even in drawers in your kitchen. 

A pest control company will set their own traps, as well as put out poison to kill the mice. They will put poison inside your home in areas that your animals or children cannot get to. The pest control company will put poison outside. For example, if you have a crawlspace, the company may put poison there that the mice will eat. This way they will die before they can get into your home. 

The pest control company may have to come to your home more than one time if your home is infested with mice. This is because there may be baby mice in your home.

The pest control company can give you many tips on how to prevent mice from getting into your home. You may have openings that the mice are getting through hat you are not aware of. If so, the pest control company can find these so you can seal them up.

For more information, contact a local rodent control service today.


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