FAQ About Termite Infestations And Extermination

Posted on: 17 September 2020

Termites are pests that feed on wood and get their nutrients from the cellulose fiber found in plant and wood matter. For this reason, wood is the main diet for these creepy crawlers, and this means your house is a nutritious meal for them.

Termites can cause costly damage, so if you see them, it's important to take care of the infestation right away.

What Are Signs Of Termites In The Home?

You can pay to have termite inspections yearly, and you can also look for signs of these pests in your home. One common sign of termite damage is the blistering of wood floors. If you see blistering, it is where the termites are feeding below the floor.

There are other termite signs to watch for:

  • Mud tubes
  • Termite droppings
  • Damaged wood on walls and other surfaces
  • Swarms in spring and summer

At the first sign of termites, take action to prevent further damage.

Are Termites Harmful?

Termites aren't only a danger to your home; they can also be a danger to you and your family. They can bite and sting, and while they're not toxic, some people do have allergic reactions to them.

Some people are allergic to termite saliva. It is also possible for people in the home to develop allergies or asthma attacks from termite droppings.

The good news is that termites don't carry or transmit disease.

How Damaging Are Termites To Homes?

Termites are extremely damaging to homes. When a termite infestation is left untreated, it can cause huge problems for both you and your home.

These pests not only cause cosmetic damage to the home but also structural damage. The threat of damage becomes greater the longer you wait to treat your home to get rid of the pests.

Can Termite Damage Be Repaired?

Termites rarely damage a home beyond repair, even when there's a large infestation. However, damaged wood must be replaced. If replacing wood is not an option, then attaching undamaged wood to the termite-riddled wood can provide support for weak areas.

Are Termites Difficult To Exterminate?

When you are using do-it-yourself methods, it is possible to miss some termites in the extermination process. This means they'll come back, especially if the queen escapes unharmed.

To avoid having another infestation and damage to your home, it's best to call a professional in termite control to assist in ensuring the pests are gone.


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