How A Roach Infestation Starts And How Pest Control Treatments Kill And Prevent Cockroaches In Your Home

Posted on: 2 September 2020

Many insect and animal pests can invade your home, but one of the worst is the cockroach. Roaches are hard to eliminate, and they are unsanitary. Roaches even have a distinctive foul odor that can permeate your home if the infestation is large enough. Here's a look at how a roach infestation gets started, why roaches are so hard to get rid of, and how professional pest control can help eliminate and prevent them.

How A Roach Infestation Gets Started

Roaches are common outdoor pests, although they tend to stay hidden during the day. They live under damp mulch and leaves, and if you turn over a clump of leaves, you may see roaches scurry for cover. These roaches are active at night and they can enter your home through cracks and by slipping under your door if there's a gap.

Some roaches fly, and they're attracted to porch lights like other types of bugs. Lights draw roaches toward your house where they might find an easy way inside. You can also carry roaches home with you in shopping bags where they like to hide under the flaps of paper sacks. Roaches are just about everywhere, so they'll probably get in your house at some point. Once they're inside, roaches may stay and breed in hidden places, and then an infestation is born.

Why Roaches Are Difficult To Eliminate

Roaches are hardy bugs. They can survive in extreme conditions. Roaches can go several days without food or water, so it's difficult to starve them out. The pests multiply fast too, and they're small enough to stay hidden until the infestation is out of control.

Plus, you rarely see roaches during the day unless the infestation is large or unless you happen to find their sleeping spot. If you don't go in your kitchen at night, you may not even know roaches crawl over the counter and in your cabinets once you go to bed.

Once you realize you have an infestation, the bugs may be difficult to kill since they are resistant to certain pesticides. You can kill roaches with bait, traps, and by smashing them, but there may be many more hidden away that you can't reach.

How Pest Control Treatments Help

Signing up for regular pest control treatments throughout the year is a good way to control roaches. A pest control company can apply pesticides that have a residual effect so your home is protected against insect pests all the time. The exterminator often applies the pesticide outdoors so roaches won't get inside. However, if you already have an indoor infestation, then treating the inside of your house may be necessary too.

A pest control professional uses the right pesticides in a safe way to target the type of roaches you have. They may also seal up your home to keep roaches from crawling inside and they may also give you tips on clutter control, sealing food, and eliminating damp spots so your home is less of a welcoming oasis for roaches and other insect pests.

To learn more, reach out to a pest control service today.


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