Spiders Crawling Around Your Home? What You Can Do About Them

Posted on: 2 June 2020

There's no worse feeling than seeing a giant spider crawl across the floor of your home and disappear beneath a piece of furniture. Although this may make you want to leave your house and never return, there are things you can do to get rid of these spiders. Read on for helpful tips to get rid of spiders in your house.

Spray The Perimeter

Spray the perimeter of your home with a pesticide that can keep spiders at bay. You can find a commercial pesticide at your local hardware store that you can use for other pest issues, in addition to spiders. Spray around the outside of your home, and pay close attention to areas around windows and doors as well. Be sure to wear gloves when using the pesticide and also wear protection on your eyes as well. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on how much spray to use and how far away you should stand when spraying.

Set Indoor Traps

You can set spider traps inside of your home to trap and kill the spiders. You can use sticky traps, which can also be found at a hardware store. The traps can be placed in a darkened area, such as beneath furniture or inside a tube such as an empty toilet paper roll. Spiders like dark spaces, so they will stick to areas where there is darkness. Set the traps in these types of areas and check the traps often. Remove the traps and replace them with a new trap as needed.

Spray Peppermint

If you aren't keen on traps and would like to take a more natural approach, especially in the living spaces of your home, you can spray peppermint oil around your home. Spray your baseboards and beneath furniture, as well as near doorways and around windows. You can spray peppermint oil mixed with water using a spray bottle. The peppermint will help keep the spiders away, as they do not like the smell. It's a great way to repel spiders and it can be used both inside or outside.

If you have spiders crawling around you inside your home, or even if you have an issue with them outside, you can try the tips above to help you. Call a pest control specialist for help with spider removal if you are having an issue with these pests and aren't able to get rid of them. Some spiders can be very scary, such as larger spiders, and some can even bite; leave it to the pros to help you.


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