Termite Control Tips You Can Implement On Your Own

Posted on: 15 May 2020

Termite control is often seen as a job best left to the professionals. And if you already have termites, it's true that you're better off letting a pest control company come eradicate them. However, if your goal is just to prevent termites from gnawing away at your wooden items, there are a lot of actions you can take on your own. Here are a few of them.

Keep your gutters clear.

Cleaning your gutters is good for your roof and siding, but did you realize it helps keep termites at bay, too? If your gutters get clogged, water will have nowhere else to go but down the side of your home and into the soil surrounding your foundation. This will result in any wood near the base of your home getting wet, and termites love wet wood. Clean your gutters every spring and fall for the best results. If you notice any holes in the gutters, you can patch them with some silicone caulk. (Water leaking straight down through holes can be a problem, too.)

Keep your wood painted when possible.

Termites don't typically bother painted wood. Sure they will move right in once the paint starts chipping away, but you can always apply another coat before that happens. If you have a wooden fence, porch, or other structure, applying a coat of primer followed by two coats of paint is as good as any termite-proofing spray you can buy.

Keep plants away from your foundation. 

Termites don't live in flowers or shrubs, but when flowers and shrubs are too close to your foundation, they keep the soil in that area moist, which keeps nearby wood moist, which attracts termites. Keep those shrubs well-trimmed, and if you have any shrubs that keep growing up against the foundation no matter what, consider just removing them. You want at least a foot between plants and your foundation; two feet is better.

Store your firewood carefully.

Termites often invade firewood first, and then they move into your permanent wooden structures. So keeping them out of firewood is half the battle! Store your firewood up off the ground on pallets — preferably plastic or metal ones. Keep it in one straight row, and always use the oldest wood first. Keep the stack as far away from your home as possible too.

The termite control tips above are easy to implement even if you have very minimal DIY skills. Contact a pest control company if you come across any signs of termites in the process.


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