How Will Pest Control Services Perform In A Home With Children?

Posted on: 30 April 2020

Having children changes everything. Some of those changes you expect — like getting less sleep and having to eat more child-friendly foods for meals. Some of those changes are less expected, such as having to be extra worried about safety when you hire a pest control company.

Most pest control companies are very understanding and aware that when there are kids in the home, extra precautions need to be taken when fighting bugs. Although each company will have its own specific policies, here are some of the procedures you can expect a pest control service to follow when there are kids in the home.

1. Only spraying when everyone is out of the house

If your home needs to be sprayed with any sort of solution, the pest control company will likely require that everyone is out of the house when this is occurring. This eliminates the possibility of your child accidentally running into the room and becoming exposed to any chemicals the pest controls professional is using. Make plans to spend the day at a friend's house, at a local park, or even at the library on the day your home is being sprayed.

2. Using safer chemicals, or no chemicals at all when possible

Your pest control company will seek to use the mildest, safest solutions possible. In the case of bed bugs, for instance, they may recommend heat treatments rather than pesticides since heat poses virtually no risk to your kids once they re-enter the home. For insects like roaches and fleas, they may use treatments made with essential oils or diatomaceous earth rather than harsher, more toxic solutions. 

3. Only placing bait and traps in hidden areas, and telling you where they are

Some pests are best dealt with via baits and traps. This is true of carpenter ants and some types of cockroaches. If your pest control specialist believes that baits and traps are the ideal solutions for your pest problem, they will try to put them high up where kids can't reach, inside crawl spaces where kids do not go, and in other hidden areas. They'll also tell you where each bait or trap is located so you know to keep your child away from those areas.

You have to take kids' needs into account when arranging for pest control services. Pest control services know this; they want your kids to stay safe, and they will take steps to keep them that way.

For more information, reach out to pest control services in your area.


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