4 Ways An Exterminator Will Pest-Proof Your Home In The Spring

Posted on: 27 April 2020

As the saying goes, spring has sprung! Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and all sorts of household pests are beginning to prowl. This is the season when you start seeing ants and cockroaches inside your home, and when mice start having even more babies — meaning they're looking for spots to nest. But you do not have to just stand by while pests invade your home. Hire an exterminator to do preventative care this spring. Here are four things they'll likely do when they come out to your home.

1. Get rid of standing water.

Standing water is a huge attractant for many types of bugs. Once the bugs are breeding in the water, they are naturally more likely to move into your home. With all the rain that is typical in springtime, it's easy to see where the water accumulates, which makes it easier for your exterminator to identify and address the issues. If they run into a bigger problem that is causing standing water, such as drain tile that is not working or gutters that are not draining, they may refer you to a specialist contractor to make more extensive repairs.

2. Fill gaps and holes, and replace weatherstripping.

You should certainly get any holes in your foundation or attic fixed, as those could be places where bugs will enter. Your exterminator may fix or at least temporarily plug small holes — ones that can be sealed with just some caulk — and they will identify any larger holes that you may need to have addressed by a foundation repair expert. They will also check the weatherstripping around your doors and windows for gaps and tears; some pest control companies will replace weatherstripping, too.

3. Spray around the perimeter.

Especially in areas where cockroaches are common, your exterminator will likely spray a barrier of pesticides around your home. This barrier is meant to stop bugs from getting too close to your home. It should remain effective throughout the warm months.

4. Set some traps.

Your exterminator will probably also set a few rodent traps in areas like the attic and basement. What these help ensure is that if a single "scout" rodent comes in to check out the place, that rodent does not return to the nest and bring its buddies along. 

If you decide to get exterminator services, in the spring, you should be set to go for the season. Say goodbye to pests! 


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